1. Looks like I forgot to post some photos of our shoot with Kenza! Two words: amazing hair.


  2. How can one be so lovely? Such an adorable woman.


  3. American girl (and smile)

    And here you go, finally, with the photos (the first ones at least) I shoot with the super lovely and super gorgeous Rachel Martino. Hopefully we’ll manage to shoot together again in the future - in New York in September?

    For outfit details, please check out her blog post


  4. Beauty in front of a green door.

    The more I take pictures, the more I see that a background can completely change the look of a photo. Depending on the colour of the skin, clothes or hair, a light or dark background may embellish or ruin your photo. So when I saw this green door near our shooting location with the super gorgeous Kenza, I knew I had to make her pose there. And I do think this looks good with her white outfit and light hair right?

    PS: For outfit details, please see Kenza’s post


  5. LOVELY K.

    As I told you the other day, I had a super nice shooting with the simply adorable Kenza. After three unsuccessful meetings - no blame here, she is such a busy blogger and that’s very good for her! - we finally managed to shoot together in the Marais. I was a bit surprised at first because Kenza was super nice to me and made me instantly comfortable, while I’m usually a bit shy, especially when meeting such famous bloggers for a shooting. I can’t really describe myself as a photographer, but I must say that I am one that works with feeling. I mean if I’m not comfortable, if I don’t get on well with my ‘subject’ then the photos won’t turn out good. And I like to think that those ones are not so bad.

    Ps: This is like a second preview, I have way more photos to post! Fort outfit details, please see Kenza’s post