I have so many photos of this day I wish I could post more but tumblr won’t let me. A lot of black and white outfits this day, especially for Elie Saab, and a few more colofrul ones at Giambattista Valli. These two designers are defintely one of my favourites and I WISH I could have been inside!

    But anyway, about Giambattista Valli; first of all, Ulyana Sergeenko wearing an amazing couture dress - which was wow, and let me tell you that it looked way better in real. I also photographed the beautiful Coca Rocha - wearing purple lipstick like ‘check your lipsitck before you come and talk to me' you know -, Elena Perminova and the loveliest Xiao Wen Ju. About Elie Saab, as I wrote right before; a lot of black, white, and black and white outfits, starting with Ulyana Sergeenko (again), the fashion twins Sama and Haya Khadra, followed by bloggers Kristina Bazan, Aimee Song, Helena Bordon and Nicole Warne. Even models follow this timeless trend; the stunning Diana Moldovan (her eyeeees), Taylor Hill, Magdalena Jasek and Daga Ziober, or Marta Ortiz (gorgeous in her white suit with red and white details). A bit of navy blue with Miroslava Duma and camel with Chiara Ferragni, as well a few more colorful outfits thanks to Sofie Valkiers, Vanessa Axente or this unknown very stylish woman wearing one of my favourite fashion week outfit so far, and you get the very chic fashion streetstyle you can find around Elie Saab.

    Ps: Sorry about the delay, tumblr apparently didn’t want to post this.


  2. CHLOÉ

    This day was a very productive one as I had a presentation (and I still need to edit my photos, hurry up Marianne!) right before the show, and then I took A LOT of photos there. Some of my favourite ones too actually. I really love the Chloé style, it is very elegant and feminine and yet chic and comfy with loose clothes and often pastel colours. I saw quite a lot of very stylish outfits so I will post an article about the Chloé style once I’m done with the Paris Fashion Week coverage.

    Anyway so no models in today’s post (for once) but many fashionable people, starting with the gorgeous Kristina Bazan. The photo that I posted is actually one of my favourite ever; it wasn’t planned at all, I just snapped the shot and when I looked through my photos I was simply amazed by how beautiful and natural she looked in this light, on top of the fact that her movement showed very graciously her clothes. I loved Anna Dello Russo's outfit this day - she was wearing Peter Pilotto who is one of my favourite designer - and especially her shoes but unfortunately I really don’t know where are they from so if you do, please tell! I also saw Garance Doré this day, whom I adore as you probably know, and this was quite awkward because I was trying to take a photo of her without being noticed because I didn’t want to interrupt, and she looked at me and said ‘Bonjour?’ Like ‘hello creep, you know we can talk too!’, ugh but the great news is that her Pardon My French videos will be back soon! Three other lovely bloggers that I photographed this day? Camille Charrière from Camille Over The Rainbow, Aimee Song from Song of Style, and Sofie Valkiers from Fashionata. Daria Shapovalova is slowly becoming one of my favourite person to photograph as she is always very stylish and sophisticated. And last but not least, the biggest trend this season, and one that will always be very high fashion? Fashion friendship. I mean how cool are Leigh Lezark and Hanneli Mustaparta leaving the show arm-in-arm?



    So I actually did not plan on going to Mugler. I was super tired and very comfy in my bed. And then I checked instagram and I saw that Karlie Kloss was walking the show so I had to go. I just love Karlie, she’s so beautiful and so nice! I ran into her at the bakery while I was in New York, she was either going to or from her workout - not very important to know - and she was just effortlessly gorgeous. How fair is that?

    So I got to see her this day but unfortunately things were kind of crazy around her and I didn’t manage to take any good shot of her - well I have her making funny faces like ‘oh boy, how am I going to escape?’ but you know, this are not the best photos ever. I also saw my favourite Daphne Groeneveld for the last time this season, and Kasia Struss who looked very pretty but I don’t have a photo of her looking up. Sadly. Anyway, I saw Frida Gustavsson while I was arriving to the Grand Palais - still have no idea why but I’m not going to complain - and Taylor Hill for the first time. She was very sweet, on top of looking beautiful obviously, and she actually waited for me to get my shot because a photographer kind of hit me - I told you, petite girl talking here.


  4. DIOR

    I almost forgot to post, damn. But I remembered finally, and here we are with photos of this fourth day of Paris Fashion Week! I only went to Dior this day, and for once it was not at the musée Rodin - which I don’t like much for streetstyle photos. The Dior ones are always my worst photos, don’t know why.

    So this day I photographed one of my favourite blogger, the beautiful Kristina Bazan, the super stylish Hanneli Mustaparta (and I will probably write an article about her, she’s such an inspiration), and Anna Dello Russo. Mention spéciale for Daria Shapovalova who was wearing a very beautiful dress. I also managed to shoot Natalie Dormer who’s gorgeous, and Dakota Fanning. I also saw Marion Cotillard but it was worse than a rugby match and I have been trampled on by both photographers and security guys, and let me tell you that my feet hurt reeeeally bad. Who said that being a streetstyle photographer wasn’t dangerous? I also saw Coco Rocha for the first time, she’s so tall! Even though compared to me everyone’s tall. The make-up was beautiful for the show, and it suited the models very well. Huge huge model crush for the stunning Harleth Kuusik, I hope she goes far!


  5. And finally!

    My Paris Fashion Week coverage, after all this time. As you can see I will start with the third day, and I won’t post photos of everyday because I only went to shows sometimes so I wil post them differently. These kind of posts are only about streetstyle! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you guys think :)

    Anyway I have sooo many photos to share, and that’s why I didn’t post the photos earlier because once I start, I will post everyday. This season, my third, has been quite tiring. As I told you I went to some shows and of course outside some, for my beloved streetstyle photos. Yep, beloved, because I can definitely say that this is funnier and nicer to shoot than inside shows where it’s a bit crazy when shooting podium - especially when you’re a petite shy girl like me. Well of course, I wouldn’t mind being invited front or second row, now that would be the best thing!

    These streetstyle photos were shot after Nina Ricci and it was very nice. First of all I was kind of happy to shoot streetstyle again, and the weather was super nice - we definitely got a better weather in September than in August here in Paris. Of course there is no fashion week without the streetstye queens; Miroslava Duma, who slayed this season while pregnant, Anna Dello Russo, and my favourite Olivia Palermo. Valentina Siragusa looked beautiful, just like Aimee Song, Dasha from The Trend Spotter, and Helena Bordon. In terms of models I was able to photograph the beautiful Anna Ewers, Kasia Struss (and believe it or not but, in a year and four fashion weeks, it was the first time I shot her. She’s gorgeous, and photos don’t do her justice), Elodia Prieto, the beautiful new face Aya Jones, Daria Strokous (gorgeous in the golden hour), Yumi Lambert, Malaika Firth, Lindsey Wixson (first time too!) aaaand Daphne Groeneveld! Super happy about her comeback, she’s stunning and lovely.

    Et voilà for this first fashion week streetstyle post! See you tomorrow with Dior xx

    PS: Don’t forget to check out my streetstyle blog and my instagram where I posted a bit more in the past few weeks.