1. Anonymous asked: What do you study?

    I study history at the Sorbonne! It’s the second year of my BA, and next year I’ll study political and social science x



    Still not over the fact that I actually met and shot the stunning Zanita. See the post here.



    Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a while since my last sunday mood post, so I have a few things to share with you. I’m on holidays - finally - for the next two weeks, so I’ll try to post as much as possible. If the sun decides to come back - please please please - I’ll visit a lot, as I have so many places I want to visit in Paris at the moment. Anyway, here you go with my coups de coeur of the week:

    • Net-a-Porter has an ‘essentials' category. I need/want quite a lot of the things they posted here.
    • I’ve always been a flat shoes kind of girl. But all the fashion week madness got to my head and I want to wear more and more heels - and I need to learn how to walk in. And I’ve been loving the Kat Maconie ones. And maybe, thanks to Garance’s video, I will someday be able to spend all day walking on heels - one can dream right?
    • I’ve recently discovered the blog Style Scrapbook - yes I know, shame on me - and I quite like it. Andy has the best legs ever, and this post definitely shows it. I particularly like the fifth look. Besides, I love polka dots tights.
    • My my, how I wish my appartment looked like this one. Maybe my future one will, as I’ll be moving out - again, but as we say, third time’s a charm - this summer.
    • And last but not least, let’s talk about food. I’m the worst cook ever - I actually burned tomatoes a few years ago, and by them I mean I set them on fire, litteraly - but I’m currently trying to cook a bit more. Especially now that’s the weather is nice, well at least it used to be when I was super busy with university work, so I want to cook like healthier things. And this website and this post give me so many ideas.

  4. Black and white beauty


  5. Cutest street in Paris

    Walking around in my neighborhood I found this street. The weather was not so great but I couldn’t leave without taking pictures. It reminds me of Notting Hill in London, the cute colourful houses… Not very parisian you know, it is not the typical building you’ll find in the beaux quartiers. But this is super nice. Different, but maybe even better. It actually looks full of live, you can imagine people living there, families, children playing in the street… In fact, it reminds me - not the houses themselves - of my native town.

    I am a babysitter here in Paris, and I can tell you that being a kid in Paris is not the same thing as growing up in a small town, and it’s even different from the countryside. You can’t do as much, it is very dangerous, homes are smaller so kids don’t have a lot of space. When in smaller town you can play in the street, go on your own to school and all. So this street feels like you can be more free than in the rest of Paris.